What is FDL?

FDL is an applied artificial intelligence research accelerator established to maximize new AI technologies and capacities emerging in academia and the private sector and apply them to challenges in the space sciences. 

Commercial, international and academic partners, such as Nvidia, Intel, Google, IBM and Lockheed Martin, SpaceResources Luxembourg, USC MASCLE, KBRWyle, XPrize, Kx and Miso Technologies provide capital, expertise and vast compute resources necessary for rapid experimentation and iteration in data intensive areas. 

FDL is hosted by the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California - in partnership with NASA Ames Research Center.

FDL 2018 Mission Patch

Detailed overview of FDL outputs

FDL: The Work



You can read in more detail about the proceedings of FDL 2016 - 2017 in the Proceedings Document here.


FDL Steering committee

James Parr | FDL Director

Bill Diamond | CEO The SETI Institute

Sara Jennings | FDL Deputy Director

Shyla Spicer | FDL Assistant Producer

Bruce Pittman | NASA Space Portal

Lisa Vestal | NASA Space Portal

Dan Rasky | NASA Space Portal

Victoria Friedensen | NASA HQ

Lika Guhathakurta | NASA HQ / ARC

Alison Lowndes | Nvidia AI relations

Jonathan Knowles | Ideation Director

Graham Mackintosh | Project Manager

Armine Saroian | HR Director SETI Insitute

Debbie Kolyer | Manager SETI Insitute

Jason Kessler | Partnership Director

Chiara Miele | Coordinator

Leo Silverberg | Digital Design


FDL Science Committee

Jessie Dotson | NASA AMES

J.L. Galache | Astronomy Advisor

John Karcz | NASA HQ

Sangram Ganguly | NASA AMES

Nathalie Cabrol | NASA / SETI Insitute

Peter Jenniskens | NASA / SETI Insitute

Michael Busch | SETI Insitute

Phil Metzger | UCF

Eric Dahlstrom | NZSpaceBase

Mark Cheung | Lockheed Martin

Chris Rapley | UCL

Alan O'Neill | Reading University

Daniel Angerhausen | University of Bern

Mark Doherty | ESA

Dietmar Backes | University of Luxembourg

Franck Marchis | SETI Insitute

FDL AI Technical Committee

Alison Lowndes | Nvidia

Ian Goodfellow | Google

Francois Chollet | Google

Greg Renard | XBrain

Chedy Raissi | Inria

Yarin Gal | University of Oxford

Lorien Pratt | Quantellia

Mark Cheung| Lockheed Martin

Naeem Altaf | IBM

Amir Khosrowshahi | Intel

Troy Hernandez | IBM

Atilim Gunes Baydin | University of Oxford

Franck Marchis | SETI Insitute

Siddha Ganju | DeepVision

Nagib Hakim | Intel

Mark Sykes | CTO Kx